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Chairman of the Board's Speech

At Investor’s Vision Company, we are proud to contribute to increasing the percentage of citizens’ owning homes, in line with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has extensive experience in real estate development, and we are proud to be one of the fastest growing real estate development companies. Our projects have seen great growth in diverse regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the company has developed several commercial and residential real estate projects in recent years, and the Board of Directors has an ambitious plan to develop multiple projects in the near future. Our products are driven by quality of design and innovative solutions that serve the residential and commercial sectors.
Our Mission

Leading amongst real estate development companies and contributing in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Our Vision

Developing innovative residential products that suit Saudi families.

About Investor's Vision Company

The Investor’s Vision Company is the result of extensive experience in the field of real estate development. We are proud of being at the forefront of many real estate development companies, and our projects have witnessed great growth in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since the capital, Riyadh, is the beating heart of the march of progress in the Kingdom, the company’s future strategy focuses on providing residential and commercial solutions and products there as well as other regions of the Kingdom. Through commercial and residential real estate projects that have won the satisfaction of most of our clients, Investor’s Vision Company has succeeded in delivering many villas, residential units, and several commercial projects in the Kingdom. The company aims to expand residential real estate activity in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which includes focusing on providing suitable residence for Saudi citizens within the Ministry of Housing’s initiatives. Following the long experience of the owners and members of the company’s board of directors and its executive management, the company’s competitive position has been strengthened in the field of residential development, especially in the northern area of Riyadh. We are pleased to invite you to join us in the Investor's Vision family to discover a modern lifestyle through the products offered by the company, which will provide you with a high sense of satisfaction due to the high quality of our products. Please contact us or visit our offices to inquire about the company’s existing and new products.