Our ambition is limitless; the Investor’s Vision Company has crowned its residential real estate experience with an ambitious plan, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and a strategy that focuses on constructing several residential towers on King Fahd Road in the Al Nakheel District.

The development that the entire city of Riyadh is experiencing has created a need for investment in vertical residential complexes. Ideally, such buildings should be of an international style and should be desirable to those looking for high-end residences and stunning high-rise views.

The Palms Residence Towers are the result of the company’s extensive experience in real estate development. The company plans to construct three residential towers on a plot of land on King Fahd Road in the Al Nakheel District. The height of each tower will be about 130 meters, with thirty floors above ground.

Our residential towers have a unique design. The floors of the North Tower each have three apartments (two-bedroom and three-bedroom), with distinctive designs and modern facades. These two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments have private bathrooms for each bedroom, a spacious living area, and a maid’s room. All living areas come with L-shaped balconies that raise the quality of living by allowing natural ventilation and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor seating and high-rise views of the city of Riyadh.

The floors of the middle tower have one apartment each, containing three master bedrooms—each with a private bathroom—as well as a maid’s room and a spacious living area with uniquely designed balconies. Finally, the southern tower is a twin of the northern tower, almost identical in size and specifications.

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