Al Nafal Commercial Center

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Al Nafal center is located on King Abdul Aziz Road, on a prime location. It is less than one kilometer north of Exit 5 of the Northern Ring Road in Riyadh.

The center’s land area is (3,500) square meters.

The construction of the center was completed in January 2017. The center land is surrounded with three streets, a northern street with a length of 70 meters, a southern street with a length of 50 meters and an eastern street with a length of 50 meters.

The center also contains a basement with 45 parking spaces.

The built-up area of the center is about 6,119 meters.

The total rental area of the building is about 5,242 meters.

The rental area for the showrooms is about 2,792 meters.

The rental area for offices is about 2,450 meters.

The building is equipped with the latest types of elevators from the Mitsubishi Company, with a capacity of 8 people.

Building details

Number of showrooms7
Number of offices27

Units for rent

Showroom No. 1170 meters275,000 SAR
Showroom No. 4420 meters350,000 SAR

Showroom Details

Showroom No.1
  • Total area: 170 meters
  • Ground floor area: 100
  • Mezzanine area: 70
Showroom No.4
  • Total area: 420.66 meters
  • Ground floor area: 280.44
  • Mezzanine area: 140.22
  • Grace period: 3 months
Showroom No.5


  • Total area: 417.16 meters

  • Ground floor area: 278.16

  • Mezzanine area: 139

  • Grace period: 3 months