Vision Residence (3) (Duplex- two floors apartments)

Vision Residence (3) two floors apartments:

Vision Residence 3 offers unique and elegant housing solutions in the residential neighborhoods in the north of the city of Riyadh. It was built on an area of around 905 square meters and consists of ten two-story luxury residential apartments with integrated services. Vision Residence 3 was designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern family and to provide both comfort and privacy to residents. It has a distinctive and modern style to meet the needs of those looking for housing that is ideal in terms of price, quality, location, and services.

Vision Residence 3 is a unique and integrated residential project that was created under the supervision of specialist engineers with the highest levels of engineering and planning skills.


Separate water tank for each apartment


Car parking


High quality thermal plumbing installations


Gypsum boards for all ceilings


Common room for drivers