Vision Residence (5)

Vision Residence (5)

With a unique modern spirit and innovative design solutions, Vision Residence 5 addresses the needs of medium-sized families and provides most of their housing requirements. It gives residents, who are our success partners, a sense of privacy and luxury and allows them to add their own touches to the spacious private and common areas.

While meeting international standards, we have created spaces between the units and buildings to give customers all the options they are looking for. We also offer residents multiple apartment models at very affordable prices.

The designs of Vision Residence 5 come with multiple options and allow customers to choose between two models of different sizes and internal arrangements. Most of the variations of both models come with ensuite bathrooms for all the bedrooms

The first model was designed as a two-story residential apartment. The ground floor contains the living room, guest room, and kitchen, and the upper floor contains the bedrooms.

The second model was designed as a single-story residential apartment. An internal distribution corridor separates the guest room from the rest of the apartment, with a separate door to add an extra touch of privacy for the residents.

Project location

Vision Residence 5 is in a prime location on Amr Ibn Al-Aas Road, which benefits from direct access to two important thoroughfares Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Road, which is less than 100 meters from the project, and King Abdulaziz Road, which is less than two kilometers away.

The project is also adjacent to Rehana Bint Abi Zaid Road, also called Eighty Street, which leads directly to King Fahd Road and thus facilitates the process of moving to and from the project’s location.

All these features offer advantages to anyone looking for a house in a prime location. Our team took great care in choosing this site to provide clients with an excellent neighborhood in all respects. This includes the nature of the land itself and the calmness of the area, away from the noise of the city. It is also worth mentioning that the area offers all services within short distance.